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Kenworthy’s Chambers Open for Business as Usual

Kenworthy's Chambers | May 4, 2022
Kenworthy’s Chambers has re-opened for business-as-usual following many months of hybrid working over the course of the pandemic.

We have been happy to welcome our Barristers back into Arlington House without restrictions.

Arlington House, The Grade II listed building is where our Clerks have been stationed over lockdown. Following a re-arrangement of desks so that everyone maintained a safe distance from each other, the Clerks have been taking calls from Solicitors looking for advice and advocacy. They have done an exceptional job over the last couple of years, keeping the business functioning despite the challenging circumstances.

Chambers and Partners describe our amazing clerking team as “approachable and always very pleasant” adding “they are very helpful and always bend over backwards to accommodate.” Now our Clerks can finally be joined in Chambers by our team of experienced Barristers.         

Since Kenworthy’s Chambers re-opened we were able to host William Donnelly and John Marsh’s retirement party. We celebrated their impressive combined 76 years at the Bar with some food, drink, and a small presentation in our reception area.

Speaking about the re-opening of Chambers for business, Practice Manager Maria Rushworth said: “It is great to be able to welcome the Barristers back in the office. I enjoy seeing people in person and it is especially meaningful for those who have missed this contact during lockdown.

“Working remotely and using online diary management and Microsoft Teams has helped us to communicate and keep the business running, but you can’t beat face-to-face meetings.

“A recent work highlight for me was being able to host most of our pupillage interviews in chambers. We are always looking to expand our wonderful team and the best way to do this is to meet the applicants! You could really feel the passion from the candidates in-person.”

Kenworthy’s Chambers is now gearing up to host a CPD event both in-person and virtually. Haroon Rashid's Schedules of Loss in Serious Injury Cases MBL Seminar marks the first open event since lockdown. Personal Injury Solicitors are encouraged to sign up in advance of the event taking place on 10/05/22 from 4pm - 5pm.