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Colette Snape Shadows Family and Immigration Teams as Part of Pupillage

Kenworthy's Chambers | February 23, 2023
This blog details Colette Snape’s pupillage at Kenworthy’s Chambers, shadowing the Family and Immigration Law teams.

Following on from the news that Kenworthy’s Chambers took on three pupils and our blog detailing Nick Roxborough’s Rewarding Pupillage at Kenworthy’s Chambers, it is time to catch up with another of our Pupils: Colette Snape.

Colette Snape accumulated a lot of experience in the legal sector before joining Kenworthy’s Chambers. She has previously marshalled a District Judge at Preston Combined Court Centre, worked as a Social Welfare Paralegal at Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre where she assisted the Housing Team, the Community Care Court of Protection Team, and was responsible for triaging new enquiries, and she interned at Arizona Capital Representation Project (ACRP) through the charity Reprieve where she helped draft witness statements and carried out research and administration tasks.

In addition to this work experience, Colette Snape has an LLM degree in Human Rights Law from Queen Mary University of London, has mooted at the European Court of Human Rights (ELSA), and has shadowed numerous counsels across the Northern Circuit.

Having spent a year working as a Paralegal at a Family Law firm that specialised in international child abduction, as well as public and private children law cases before completing her Bar Practice Course (BPC), Colette Snape is happy to be spending time with all the members of our Family Law team and to have Paul Im Thurn as her Supervisor.

Speaking about the start of her pupillage at Kenworthy’s Chambers, Colette Snape said, “My first three months have been invaluable.

“I have had the opportunity not only to shadow the cases of my supervisor but also to spend time with each member of the family team and see the full array of family cases. This includes an unusual section 43 application (Children Act 1989).

“I have also spent time with the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality team at immigration tribunals in Manchester and Bradford.

“I learned that the most important practice is to read the papers carefully and to fully grasp your client’s case, so you can advise them appropriately.”

So, what advice would Colette give to aspiring Barristers looking to progress their legal careers with pupillage?

“In terms of advice to a future pupil, I would say that organisation is key! Keep notes of pieces of case law and statute that crop up, so you know you have them when you need them in the future.” 

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